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    Wuxi dimei plastic wood technology co., LTD

        Wuxi di mei plastic wood technology co., LTD., located in the taihu lake - yixing city of jiangsu province, is located in shanghai-nanjing HangChangJiang delta center, shanghai-nanjing expressway, hangzhou high-speed intersection, traffic is convenient, the geographical position is superior, the environment is exquisite. With strong economic strength, the company owns international advanced production technology and equipment of plastic wood materials, the company strict raw materials, production and customer relationship management system, and successively passed the ISO9001, 14001, CE, ASTM, SGS certification and testing.

        Wuxi dimei plastic wood technology co., LTD., has high quality wooden feeling, feel is good, difficult to decay, crack, water absorption, no wood, uv resistance, non-toxic harmless, anti bacteria resistance ants, and processing, maintenance is very simple, is an ideal alternative to wood. Products mainly include all kinds of plastic wood, plastic wood panels, plastic wood landscape with the railings, grape, corridor, arbor, flower boxes, recreational chair, dustbin, plastic wood for outdoor furniture of form a complete set. To meet the needs of different customers, di mei plastic wood emphasize on design and installation of the industry's most professional talents, has more excellent design and installation team, providing customers with a full range of design and planning, to actively participate in landscape engineering installation and maintenance services. Good faith first, quality first, pursue perfect, continuous innovation is our tenet!

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